Social Media and Smart Apps in the context of Fight against Terrorism and Organized Crime

25th - 27th October 2017
Heraklion, Crete - GREECE

Citizens & LEAS

Secure Societies

Smart Policing

Heraklion - Crete

Social Media & Smart Apps in the context of Fight against Terrorism & Organized Crime

Societal Pillar

Freedom and Security

In order to protect freedom and security, the European Union requires effective responses using a comprehensive and innovative suite of security instruments. Research and innovation can play a clear supporting role although it cannot alone guarantee security. Research and innovation activities under the Societal pillar should aim at understanding, detecting, preventing, deterring, preparing and protecting the society against security threats.

Ethical & Legal Pillar

Rights and Actions

Deals with issues that distinguish right from wrong actions. It focuses on the norms and standards of behavioural of individuals or groups within a society based on normative conduct and moral judgment, principles of wrong or right. The legal dimension oversees the data protection, freedom of information, privacy and confidentiality aspects.

Technological Pillar

Future Policing

Lists the core components for law enforcement agencies to implement technology and social media through the use of SmartApps into their community support operations. The goals of coupling new technologies with traditional policing activities is to further strengthening the cooperation between LEAs and Citizens, to increase Citizens' awareness in the fight against crime and terrorism, as well as to successfully incorporate, regulate, and use technology and social media across all law enforcement agency activities.

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